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Thank you for your interest in sampling
our current product available:


We are looking for 1000 Mom Bloggers to Participate.

1000 random bloggers who qualify will be receiving samples

To be eligible to participate in this product testing - you must be of the following criteria:

*Be a resident of the United States

*CANNOT have received the BrytonPick sample in the past from us.

*A Mom who has a blog that updates their blog at least once a week.

*You agree to write a review of the sampling of these products on your blog.



To Be Eligible to Receive these Samples for Testing -
Fill out the form Below ONLY IF you meet the criteria above

About BRYTONPick FLOSS in SECONDS - String-free, Discreet and Stylish new interdental cleaner

BRYTONPick FLOSS In Seconds advantages:
   For situations when there is no time or place to floss / brush
  Discreet and easy interdental cleaning after every meal
        Stylish - trendy colors and more socially acceptable design
   Reusable - recommended up to 30 days, less waste and environmental impact
  Germ resistant - flexible and as floss thin stainless steel edges
       Portable - packaged in a credit card size carry-pouch
        Swarovski design limited edition packaging

Great for:   Adults: on-the-go
Teens: stylish & cool
Teens: with braces
Seniors: easy to use

Vendor with: Meijer, C&S, Kinney Drugs, Kinray Distributor, Save Mart, A&P, Pathmark, CVS, Walgreen, Others

Interdental cleaning after all meals and even the smallest snacks is an extremely important step in the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases.

To Be a Possible Tester Fill Out Form Below: ( US Only, one per household) 
Items should be shipped within the next 2 - 10 weeks to the randomly chosen 1000 qualified
Mom Bloggers who register.

Remember: Only Mom Bloggers who are a resident of the United States

Full Name:
Street Address:
Are you a Mom that has a Blog? yes   no
URL of Blog:
Must be an actual Blog - Twitter and Facebook accounts are not considered blogs.
I update and post on my blog at least once a week.   Yes, I update my blog at least twice a week.

  I agree to receive the product samples and write a review on my mom blog. I agree to let TheMomBlogs.com when I
        have written the review and have posted it on my blog.